Medical Insurance For Cancer Patients


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Awareness that cancer can strike anyone, of course, in addition to maintaining diet and lifestyle, we also need to have a strong financial capacity for life activities to continue.

Agency Development Manager Henry Kurniawan KS, RFP®, LCPC said, to have a strong financial plan begins with having a sound financial planning, which is not only limited to meeting personal needs, multiplying wealth, or accelerating the acceleration of wealth growth but financial planning that can reduce and minimize economic risks, such as being exposed to critical illness.

One of the simplest references in financial planning, Henry said, is the principle of allocation of 10% for good, 20% for the future, 30% for installments and 40% to meet daily needs. Allocation of 20% of funds for preparation for the future, namely for emergency funds, life and health insurance, children’s education funds, pension funds, funds for DP Houses (for those who do not yet have), developing wealth, and funds for various other financial purposes.

Emergency funds and health insurance for all family members and life insurance for family breadwinners should be the first priority, then the other funds will be the next because it will answer a number of questions that often arise in the community, such as how to pay for treatment if family members are affected by critical illness or cancer, what is the impact if the breadwinner is no longer productive due to critical illness or what if the breadwinner dies.

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