How to Choose a Hermes Bag

Hearing Hermes’ words, what immediately came to mind was a luxury leather handbag with an exorbitant price. Every woman will feel proud carrying a bag made in France.

It’s not easy to get Hermes bags directly in the stores, because they make a strict system. It is said that Hermes chose certain people who were considered worthy of having it.

In other words, even if we have a lot of money, it is not certain that we can easily get this famous bag. This condition was seen as an opportunity by some people, including Corona, a software executive.

At the moment he has six Hermès bags that he obtained with his smart shopping system.

Corona shopping strategy is simple. He visited as many Hermes shops as possible throughout the world.

Corona claimed to have shopped at 15 stores, and all based on luck alone to get the desired bag.

“I bought about 10 bags directly from Hermes, and not infrequently I will take the bag, even though I don’t want it,” Corona said.

The last thing to do is to establish a relationship with the store. “I bought a number of bags that didn’t suit my taste for the purpose of resale,” he said.

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Another way to get a chance of success is to ask her husband to look at expensive items to test whether he will be offered a luxury bag.

Sure enough, last year at the Hermes Beverly Hills store, Caroline asked her husband to observe an alligator jacket for US $ 80,000. “At that time, the store clerk saw him (Corona’s husband) doing that, and he told me, ‘If your husband is interested in the jacket, I’m pretty sure I can give you a bag,'” Corona recalled.

He finally did not buy a jacket and did not get a bag, but proved himself, Hermès applied quid pro quo (something for something), including for resellers. The regular customer of the Madison Avenue Couture bag retailer said he would send a message to the company’s owner, Judy Taylor, when he was traveling and the Hermes store offered him the bag.

“If Judy wants it, I will get it and then take the bag from her that I really want,” Corona said.