Cancer Treatment No Insurance

These things are preventive steps to minimize cancer attacks Moreover, for those who are genetically susceptible to cancer because it is difficult to detect at an early stage and some cancers do not even cause initial symptoms and are only known when reaching an advanced stage so that running a healthy and clean lifestyle becomes wise choice to maintain health.

A common problem in society is the lack of preparedness to face reality if a family member is diagnosed with cancer. For example, fear of death, fear of the effects of chemo or radiotherapy, fear if it has been declared cured and then reappear, fear of being unable to pay for medical expenses, fear of loss of income, and fear of erosion of family finances and disrupt the survival of other family members. This fear does not only occur in patients, but also in families even though those diagnosed with cancer should ideally be stress free, have a happy soul, get nutritious food, and be given moral support.

We must realize that there is rarely a cancer that is cured 100%. The fact that often happens is that patients enter a period of static or are not developing and this is not cured. That is why, those who have been declared cured or commonly called survivors are required to continue to exercise control to special oncology doctors and nutritionists and their family members, especially if the patient is at an advanced stage, he needs to be prepared financially and so that if the patient’s life journey reaches the final point , does not add new stress.

He added, because cancer can attack anyone and there is no way to minimize cancer, we also need to increase knowledge and references about the dangers of cancer to be more preventive and not antipathic to medical healing, such as chemotherapy because the faster the chemotherapy, the greater the hope life.

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