How to Choose a Hermes Bag

Hearing Hermes’ words, what immediately came to mind was a luxury leather handbag with an exorbitant price. Every woman will feel proud carrying a bag made in France.

It’s not easy to get Hermes bags directly in the stores, because they make a strict system. It is said that Hermes chose certain people who were considered worthy of having it.

In other words, even if we have a lot of money, it is not certain that we can easily get this famous bag. This condition was seen as an opportunity by some people, including Corona, a software executive.

At the moment he has six Hermès bags that he obtained with his smart shopping system.

Corona shopping strategy is simple. He visited as many Hermes shops as possible throughout the world.

Corona claimed to have shopped at 15 stores, and all based on luck alone to get the desired bag.

“I bought about 10 bags directly from Hermes, and not infrequently I will take the bag, even though I don’t want it,” Corona said.

The last thing to do is to establish a relationship with the store. “I bought a number of bags that didn’t suit my taste for the purpose of resale,” he said.

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Another way to get a chance of success is to ask her husband to look at expensive items to test whether he will be offered a luxury bag.

Sure enough, last year at the Hermes Beverly Hills store, Caroline asked her husband to observe an alligator jacket for US $ 80,000. “At that time, the store clerk saw him (Corona’s husband) doing that, and he told me, ‘If your husband is interested in the jacket, I’m pretty sure I can give you a bag,'” Corona recalled.

He finally did not buy a jacket and did not get a bag, but proved himself, Hermès applied quid pro quo (something for something), including for resellers. The regular customer of the Madison Avenue Couture bag retailer said he would send a message to the company’s owner, Judy Taylor, when he was traveling and the Hermes store offered him the bag.

“If Judy wants it, I will get it and then take the bag from her that I really want,” Corona said.

Medical Insurance For Cancer Patients


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Awareness that cancer can strike anyone, of course, in addition to maintaining diet and lifestyle, we also need to have a strong financial capacity for life activities to continue.

Agency Development Manager Henry Kurniawan KS, RFP®, LCPC said, to have a strong financial plan begins with having a sound financial planning, which is not only limited to meeting personal needs, multiplying wealth, or accelerating the acceleration of wealth growth but financial planning that can reduce and minimize economic risks, such as being exposed to critical illness.

One of the simplest references in financial planning, Henry said, is the principle of allocation of 10% for good, 20% for the future, 30% for installments and 40% to meet daily needs. Allocation of 20% of funds for preparation for the future, namely for emergency funds, life and health insurance, children’s education funds, pension funds, funds for DP Houses (for those who do not yet have), developing wealth, and funds for various other financial purposes.

Emergency funds and health insurance for all family members and life insurance for family breadwinners should be the first priority, then the other funds will be the next because it will answer a number of questions that often arise in the community, such as how to pay for treatment if family members are affected by critical illness or cancer, what is the impact if the breadwinner is no longer productive due to critical illness or what if the breadwinner dies.

Getting Health Insurance With Cancer

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Image Result For Getting Health Insurance With Cancer

This protection will pay a number of benefits if the insured policy holder gets a diagnosis or dies from cancer.

Especially for cancer, SQIMC products with X Booster cover experimental cancer treatment, cancer treatments (radiotherapy and chemotherapy) according to the bill and have the benefit of monitoring critical illness if advised by a doctor with the benefits according to the bill as long as the policy is still valid.

In addition, Sequis also has a Sequis Q Early Payout Critical Illness Plus Rider (EPCIP) product that provides comprehensive protection for up to 120 critical illness conditions, one of which is cancer disease from an early, moderate, and advanced stage whose insurance benefits can be used for treatment if diagnosed with a critical illness so that your family’s financial condition is maintained (Income Replacement).

Considering that critical illnesses including cancer are increasingly dominating the diseases that lurk us and we do not know whether our family members are candidates for critically ill illnesses, so on this International Cancer Day let us prepare by equipping ourselves and our families with health protection. Make Sequis Q Infinite MedCare with X Booster and Sequis Q Early Payout Critical Illness Plus Rider (EPCIP) your family umbrella.

Best Cancer Hospital In Florida

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Having health insurance is very important, but still must be examined regarding hospital cost limits. The point is that if we currently have to get medical treatment and spend some funds covered by insurance, does our policy still have sufficient limits to cover hospital costs in the future.

It is also necessary to consider the matter of increase or inflation because inflation will also affect the increase in hospital room costs, medical expenses, and other medical costs.

If you are looking for health insurance, choose health insurance that has a large annual benefit limit, and even looks too large for now, because the cost of hospitals in the future will be more fantastic than now.

Another thing to consider if you will take health insurance products is the cost of the inpatient room.

“Suppose that the current VIP room price is 1 million, with inflation, it could be that the price of non-VIP rooms in the future will be the same as today’s VIP room prices. That is, look for health products that are no longer limited by the price of the room. This is so that if one day the room price increases due to inflation, customers who have VIP class facilities with 1 bed room can still use their insurance facilities to the maximum.

Responding to the problem of limits and inpatient room costs, Sequis has a Sequis Q Infinite MedCare Rider insurance product that provides protection of up to Rp90 billion per year (without an overall annual limit) and responds to the public’s need for medical care costs for critical illnesses including cancer. In early 2020, this product has an X Booster facility or known as Sequis Q Infinite MedCare with X Booster, which is health insurance that is more focused on the benefits of critical illness.

United Health Care Cancer Benefits

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Image Result For United Health Care Cancer Benefits

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    Understanding the different types of cancer. Breast cancer. Breast cancer is one of the most common types of cancer for women. It’s important to know the risks, how early detection can make a Cervical cancer. Colorectal cancer. Lung cancer. Ovarian cancer..

  • Cancer Support Program Uhcprovider Com

    UnitedHealthcare Cancer Support Program For a patient with cancer, one of the most important relationships they have is with you, their care provider. The UnitedHealthcare Cancer Support Program aims to support this key relationship with individualized, coaching and education for both adult and pediatric patients diagnosed with cancer..

  • Eligibility And Benefits Uhcprovider Com

    Our Eligibility and Benefits section provides all the tools you’ll need to verify member eligibility, determine benefits, view care plans and more. What Would You Like to Do? To see more information on any of these areas, click on the plus sign next to their title..

  • Group Benefit Plans Unitedhealthcare

    Provides $ benefit to employee and $ benefit to an insured spouse for designated health screening tests Restoration benefit rider for groups with or more employees. Reinstates of the benefit in each of the three benefit categories cancer, cardiovascular and all other upon payment of the maximum benefit in that category.

Cancer Treatment No Insurance

These things are preventive steps to minimize cancer attacks Moreover, for those who are genetically susceptible to cancer because it is difficult to detect at an early stage and some cancers do not even cause initial symptoms and are only known when reaching an advanced stage so that running a healthy and clean lifestyle becomes wise choice to maintain health.

A common problem in society is the lack of preparedness to face reality if a family member is diagnosed with cancer. For example, fear of death, fear of the effects of chemo or radiotherapy, fear if it has been declared cured and then reappear, fear of being unable to pay for medical expenses, fear of loss of income, and fear of erosion of family finances and disrupt the survival of other family members. This fear does not only occur in patients, but also in families even though those diagnosed with cancer should ideally be stress free, have a happy soul, get nutritious food, and be given moral support.

We must realize that there is rarely a cancer that is cured 100%. The fact that often happens is that patients enter a period of static or are not developing and this is not cured. That is why, those who have been declared cured or commonly called survivors are required to continue to exercise control to special oncology doctors and nutritionists and their family members, especially if the patient is at an advanced stage, he needs to be prepared financially and so that if the patient’s life journey reaches the final point , does not add new stress.

He added, because cancer can attack anyone and there is no way to minimize cancer, we also need to increase knowledge and references about the dangers of cancer to be more preventive and not antipathic to medical healing, such as chemotherapy because the faster the chemotherapy, the greater the hope life.

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    Cancer is a tough adversary to defeat. Doing so requires early diagnosis and a comprehensive treatment strategy that effectively targets the disease in every capacity. This challenge can be made even more daunting without health insurance..

Best Insurance For Cancer Treatment

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Image Result For Best Insurance For Cancer Treatment

On February 4, we commemorate World Cancer Day to increase global awareness that people need to participate in encouraging, preventing, detecting and treating cancer, especially indiscriminate cancer. Then what can we do?

The first thing, we need to know what is the trigger, whether we are vulnerable to cancer? After that, find out what preventative measures can be taken, how to minimize the spread if you already have cancer, and how to prepare if a family member has cancer.

Health Claim Senior Manager Sequis dr. Yosef Fransiscus said, in general the risk of developing cancer due to exposure to chemicals, excessive sunlight, exposure to free radicals, high stress, hormonal disorders, aging, overweight, often experiencing inflammation and infection, can also be due to poor lifestyle , like smoking, and often consume alcohol, high-fat diets, lots of sugar, and less fiber.

“However, cancer can also occur because of a history of certain diseases, for example if you have a history of intestinal inflammation that will potentially be affected by colon cancer, it could also be due to genetic disorders that can interfere with the body’s work system,” he said.

The factors that can trigger the growth of cancer cells can be different in each case and are usually not only triggered by 1 factor. However, in general, because there are abnormal cells that grow out of control that damage normal cells in the surrounding and other body parts.