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On February 4, we commemorate World Cancer Day to increase global awareness that people need to participate in encouraging, preventing, detecting and treating cancer, especially indiscriminate cancer. Then what can we do?

The first thing, we need to know what is the trigger, whether we are vulnerable to cancer? After that, find out what preventative measures can be taken, how to minimize the spread if you already have cancer, and how to prepare if a family member has cancer.

Health Claim Senior Manager Sequis dr. Yosef Fransiscus said, in general the risk of developing cancer due to exposure to chemicals, excessive sunlight, exposure to free radicals, high stress, hormonal disorders, aging, overweight, often experiencing inflammation and infection, can also be due to poor lifestyle , like smoking, and often consume alcohol, high-fat diets, lots of sugar, and less fiber.

“However, cancer can also occur because of a history of certain diseases, for example if you have a history of intestinal inflammation that will potentially be affected by colon cancer, it could also be due to genetic disorders that can interfere with the body’s work system,” he said.

The factors that can trigger the growth of cancer cells can be different in each case and are usually not only triggered by 1 factor. However, in general, because there are abnormal cells that grow out of control that damage normal cells in the surrounding and other body parts.